Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Curriculums

Curriculum that will be used in schools:

For those who have looked at the educational blueprints, outlined in the Bible and the spirit of Prophecy, it is made very apparent that there are many different types of education, that are considered essential, to gain a fitness for life, and working for God. Below are some basic ideas of what will be used in schools, as far as curriculum, but could change some, depending on location, or as new ideas are presented.

The first, and most obvious type of education included, is the normal course of education that most people take, or the 'essentials.' Except, that the normal types of curriculum used for this, would be omitted. Take this quote, for instance. “In the education of children and youth, fairy tales, myths, and fictitious stories are now given a large place. Books of this character are used in the schools, and they are to be found in many homes. How can Christian parents permit their children to use books so filled with falsehood? When the children ask the meaning of stories so contrary to the teaching of their parents, the answer is that the stories are not true; but this does not do away with the evil results of their use. The ideas presented in these books mislead the children. They impart false views of life and beget and foster a desire for the unreal. The widespread use of such books at this time is one of the cunning devices of Satan. He is seeking to divert the minds of old and young from the great work of character building. He means that our children and youth shall be swept away by the soul-destroying deceptions with which he is filling the world. Therefore he seeks to divert their minds from the word of God and thus prevent them from obtaining a knowledge of those truths that would be their safeguard. Never should books containing a perversion of truth be placed in the hands of children or youth. Let not our children, in the very process of obtaining an education, receive ideas that will prove to be seeds of sin. If those with mature minds had nothing to do with such books, they would themselves be far safer, and their example and influence on the right side would make it far less difficult to guard the youth from temptation.” (The Ministry of Healing, pg. 446, 447.)

So, instead of pagan classics, novels, and fictitious or questionable materials, the Bible, and supporting books, would be used.

“God has declared His purpose to have one college in the land where the Bible shall have its proper place in the education of the youth... The words of God to men, which should receive our first attention, are neglected for the utterances of human wisdom... Never from cowardice or worldly policy let the word of God be placed in the background. Students will be profited intellectually, as well as morally and spiritually, by its study.” (5T., pg. 26, 27.)

So, only a curriculum that agrees with the above quotes, will be used.

Now, for the interesting, and revolutionary part!

Look at this quote. “We desire that our children should study to the best advantage. In order to do this, employment should be given them which will call the muscles into exercise. Daily, systematic labor should constitute a part of the education of the youth, even at this late period.” (Fundamentals of christian education, pg. 44.)

So, how does this happen?

The answers are both exciting, and endless!

One good answer is given in '6T., pg. 182; “Many young people will come to school who desire a training in industrial lines. The industrial instruction should include the keeping of accounts, carpentry, and everything that is comprehended in farming. Preparation should also be made for teaching blacksmithing, painting, shoemaking, cooking, baking, laundering, mending, typewriting, and printing... Cottages and buildings essential to the schoolwork are to be erected by the students themselves.”

Also look at this quote. It is from 'Messages to young people,' pg. 179, 180; “Both young men and young women should be taught how to cook economically, and to dispense with everything in the line of flesh food... Women especially should learn how to cook. What part of the education of a girl is so important as this? Whatever may be her circumstances in life, here is knowledge she may put to practical use.”

Another very important part of education is agriculture. Look at this quote. It is from '6T, 178, 179; “Some do not appreciate the value of agricultural work. These should not plan for our schools, for they will hold everything from advancing in right lines. In the past their influence has been a hindrance. Study in agricultural lines should be the A, B, and C of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work that should be entered upon.”

So, straight from the Spirit of Prophecy, we have many ideas of what types of education should be administered in our schools. These ideas can be used as a base, and expanded.

Also, another large blessing from this industrial education, is the product! You see, our schools can be self-supporting. That should be exciting!

So, here are some basic ideas for curriculum, above and beyond basic book learning.

-Evangelism: Evangelism would be taught, in all its practical facets, including: Literature evangelism, Bible studies, colportering, preaching, teaching, etc.

-Music: It would be the effort of the schools to teach the principles of music, and what is good music, as well as to teach students to play musical instruments to God's glory.

-Agriculture: Green housing, farming, etc., as well as animal care, Horses, etc.

-Domestic training: Cooking, baking, cleanliness, sewing, mending, etc.

-Industrial training: Carpentry, welding, shop skills, mechanics, alternative energy technologies, off-grid survival, etc.

-Mission pilot training: Training from start to finish for future mission pilots.

-Medical missionary training: Training for many phases of medical work, including emergency, first aid, CPR, and natural healing.

-Technological skills: Computer skills, videography, printing, etc.

These, and any other types of education that would be considered useful in God's service, could be used.

God truly would be glorified by the use of education, as He has planned it! There are schools that follow these guidelines, but they are surely not as many as they should be. Why not do our part to finish up the work quickly? God is anxious for the sure result! His soon coming! Let us join together in preparing for that day.


School Standards

In all schools associated with this board, certain standards would be upheld. As many have personally witnessed, “Rules,” have little or no permanent impact on many students. So, there has to be a better way! What is that? Only God can tell us. First, check out this quote. “The object of discipline is the training of the child for self-government... Having never learned to govern himself, the youth recognizes no restraint except the requirements of parents or teachers. This removed, he knows not how to use his liberty, and often gives himself to indulgence that proves his ruin... Students should not be led to feel that they cannot go out or come in without being watched... Lead the youth to feel that they are trusted, and there are few that will not seek to prove themselves worthy of the trust... It is better to request than to command. The one thus addressed has an opportunity to prove himself loyal to right principles. His obedience is the result of choice rather than compulsion. The rules governing the school room, should, so far as possible, represent the voice of the school... Thus he will feel a responsibility to see that the rules he has helped to frame are obeyed. Rules should be few and well considered; and when once made they should be enforced... Those who desire to control others must first control themselves.” “Co-operation should be the spirit of the school room, the law of its life.” “Let the older assist the younger; the strong the weak. This will encourage self-respect and a desire to be useful.” (Ed., pp. 285-292, emphasis supplied.)

I think that the previous quote is an excellent way to start thinking about the subject of standards. The following will be a list of basic standards, which may vary slightly, by special board approval, depending on the location of the school.

One thing that is of the utmost importance, is that all teachers, staff, etc., obey the same rules that the students are required to obey. This will help to prevent rebellion from a sense of hypocrisy.

Standards in dress:

Boys: Hats should not be worn backwards, and should be removed in all buildings, and for all prayers.

Girls: Modest skirts, dresses, jumpers, or culottes. Skirts must come no higher than about halfway between the knee and the ankle, and allow a full stride. Slits must end below the knee.

Both: No shorts, tank tops, sleeveless items, extra tight or baggy clothing, jewelry or make up. No questionable or suggestive messages on clothing. No shirts with low necklines.

In Deuteronomy 22:5, we read; “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

This is a very important quote, and is the reason for many of the dress codes listed here. There has to be a visible difference at all times, under all circumstances, between genders.

Personal items: Certain items will not be allowed, to insure a spiritual atmosphere. The following things will not be allowed: Electronic or card games, any illegal or controlled substances, media players that have not been approved by staff, certain types of music, including: Rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, rap, etc., or the corresponding types of music, in contemporary Christian styles. Weapons or impure secular reading material will not be allowed.

Relationships: Christ centered friendships, between boys, and/or girls, are encouraged. Intense or romantic relationships will not be allowed. This is not a requirement to just try and make things difficult, but it is actually something God has lined out in the Spirit of Prophecy. Look at this quote from 'Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students,' pg. 100; “While at school, students should not allow their minds to become confused by thoughts of courtship. They are there to gain a fitness to work for God, and this thought is ever to be uppermost.”

Also, vulgar or foul language will not be tolerated.

Types of food that will be prepared, at boarding schools: The foods that will be prepared at schools, will be vegan vegetarian. This is not an effort to force everyone to be vegan, but actually just an effort to prepare for the coming of Christ, when all animal products will be left off, as a result of their unfitness for food, and the cruelty it inflicts upon animals, in most cases. 'Counsels on Diet and Foods,' pg. 380 says; “Among those who are waiting for the coming of the Lord, meat eating will eventually be done away; flesh will cease to form a part of their diet.” Again, on page 460, we read; “Tell them that the time will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs, milk, cream, or butter, because disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men. The time is near when, because of the iniquity of the fallen race, the whole animal creation will groan under the diseases that curse our earth.”

Again, what is done in people's homes, is no business of the school. But, what is done at the school itself, must follow the guidance of the Bible, and the Spirit of Prophecy.


What kind of teachers should we have?

God has answered that question too!

Here are a few quotes, to give some ideas.

The first one is from 'Fundamentals of Christian Education,' pg. 536; “And there are some who, having secured this worldly education, think that they can introduce it into our schools. But let me tell you that you must not take what the world calls higher education and bring it into our schools and sanitariums and churches. We need to understand these things. I speak to you definitely. This must not be done.” Wow! Very firm counsel there. Here is another quote, from '6T., pg. 178, 179; “Some do not appreciate the value of agricultural work. These should not plan for our schools, for they will hold everything from advancing in right lines. In the past their influence has been a hindrance. Study in agricultural lines should be the A, B, and C of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work that should be entered upon.”

There are many, many quotes to describe what teachers should be like, but basically, they will have to believe and practice the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy in its entirety, and be patient and willing to work and play with the children and youth they will be dealing with.


To many, this will be a new, revolutionary idea, which will likely seem quite strange, but just hear it out. In normal schools, you are graded. Some get A's, some get F's. In the type of school that God has outlined, that simply would not happen! Take a look at this quote. It is from 'The Review and Herald,' Jan. 9, 1894; “In our institutions of learning there was to be exerted an influence that would counteract the influence of the world, and give no encouragement to indulgence in appetite, in selfish gratification of the senses, in pride, ambition, love of dress and display, love of praise and flattery, and strife for high rewards and honors as a recompense for good scholarship. All this was to be discouraged in our schools. It would be impossible to avoid these things and yet send them to the public school.”

For any who would question this type of academics, please read 'Studies in Christian education,' by E.A. Sutherland, in which he maps out what true education is. So, in the schools, an accredited program would be used, and students would graduate with their diplomas, but there would be no reward for good scholarship, and records would only be confidentially kept, for private consultation, in the case of poor scholarship. That way, no one feels like 'The one that is behind,' which rather decreases the desire to do well, and would avoid pride in those who do well.

Location of Schools


Where should our schools be?

God has already answered that for us!

Look at this quote. It is from '8T., pg. 215; “Land should be secured at a distance from the cities, where schools can be built up in which the youth can be given an education in agricultural and mechanical lines.” Also see '6T, pg. 137; “It is possible to have too many educational facilities centered in one place. Smaller schools, conducted after the plan of the schools of the prophets, would be a far greater blessing.” Also see 'Fundamentals of Christian education, pg. 322; “The school should not be in or near a city... All schools should be located, as far as possible, where the eye will rest upon the things of nature instead of clusters of houses.”

That pretty much says it all, although there is much more to be said. It has also been made apparent, that you do not have to have tremendous amounts of acreage to have a successful school, although it is helpful, but God can bless a small amount of acreage, if it is devoted to Him. Also, you have to consider the amount of acreage, compared to the amount of students enrolled, which should be small, compared to most schools.

Omitted Curriculums

What will not be taught in the schools?

Several things.

For instance, look at this quote, it is from 'Manuscript Releases, vol. 2, pg. 218; “They act as if the school were a place where they were to perfect themselves in sports, as if this were an important branch of their education, and they come armed and equipped for this kind of training. This is all wrong, from beginning to end. It is not in any way appropriate for this time; it is not qualifying the youth the go forth as missionaries, to endure hardship and privation, and to use their powers for the glory of God.” So, sports will simply not exist in schools that are following God's plan. There are many other quotes that show this too. Also, see 'Fundamentals of Christian Education,' pg. 37; “Novel and storybook reading are the greatest evils in which the youth can indulge.” Those things would not be included either.

Here is another quote, from 'Evangelism,' pg. 137; “Not one jot or tittle of anything theatrical is to be brought into our work... Let nothing of a theatrical nature be permitted, for this would spoil the sacredness of the work.” Drama and theatrics will not be a part of studies either. Also, worldly, pagan classics will not be used for curriculum. All these things tend to create a loose Christian, and that is why they will be omitted. But the focus is not on what is left out, it is on what is included! Check out the section on 'Curriculum,' for more info.!