Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Location of Schools


Where should our schools be?

God has already answered that for us!

Look at this quote. It is from '8T., pg. 215; “Land should be secured at a distance from the cities, where schools can be built up in which the youth can be given an education in agricultural and mechanical lines.” Also see '6T, pg. 137; “It is possible to have too many educational facilities centered in one place. Smaller schools, conducted after the plan of the schools of the prophets, would be a far greater blessing.” Also see 'Fundamentals of Christian education, pg. 322; “The school should not be in or near a city... All schools should be located, as far as possible, where the eye will rest upon the things of nature instead of clusters of houses.”

That pretty much says it all, although there is much more to be said. It has also been made apparent, that you do not have to have tremendous amounts of acreage to have a successful school, although it is helpful, but God can bless a small amount of acreage, if it is devoted to Him. Also, you have to consider the amount of acreage, compared to the amount of students enrolled, which should be small, compared to most schools.

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