Tuesday, September 7, 2010


To many, this will be a new, revolutionary idea, which will likely seem quite strange, but just hear it out. In normal schools, you are graded. Some get A's, some get F's. In the type of school that God has outlined, that simply would not happen! Take a look at this quote. It is from 'The Review and Herald,' Jan. 9, 1894; “In our institutions of learning there was to be exerted an influence that would counteract the influence of the world, and give no encouragement to indulgence in appetite, in selfish gratification of the senses, in pride, ambition, love of dress and display, love of praise and flattery, and strife for high rewards and honors as a recompense for good scholarship. All this was to be discouraged in our schools. It would be impossible to avoid these things and yet send them to the public school.”

For any who would question this type of academics, please read 'Studies in Christian education,' by E.A. Sutherland, in which he maps out what true education is. So, in the schools, an accredited program would be used, and students would graduate with their diplomas, but there would be no reward for good scholarship, and records would only be confidentially kept, for private consultation, in the case of poor scholarship. That way, no one feels like 'The one that is behind,' which rather decreases the desire to do well, and would avoid pride in those who do well.

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