Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Standards

In all schools associated with this board, certain standards would be upheld. As many have personally witnessed, “Rules,” have little or no permanent impact on many students. So, there has to be a better way! What is that? Only God can tell us. First, check out this quote. “The object of discipline is the training of the child for self-government... Having never learned to govern himself, the youth recognizes no restraint except the requirements of parents or teachers. This removed, he knows not how to use his liberty, and often gives himself to indulgence that proves his ruin... Students should not be led to feel that they cannot go out or come in without being watched... Lead the youth to feel that they are trusted, and there are few that will not seek to prove themselves worthy of the trust... It is better to request than to command. The one thus addressed has an opportunity to prove himself loyal to right principles. His obedience is the result of choice rather than compulsion. The rules governing the school room, should, so far as possible, represent the voice of the school... Thus he will feel a responsibility to see that the rules he has helped to frame are obeyed. Rules should be few and well considered; and when once made they should be enforced... Those who desire to control others must first control themselves.” “Co-operation should be the spirit of the school room, the law of its life.” “Let the older assist the younger; the strong the weak. This will encourage self-respect and a desire to be useful.” (Ed., pp. 285-292, emphasis supplied.)

I think that the previous quote is an excellent way to start thinking about the subject of standards. The following will be a list of basic standards, which may vary slightly, by special board approval, depending on the location of the school.

One thing that is of the utmost importance, is that all teachers, staff, etc., obey the same rules that the students are required to obey. This will help to prevent rebellion from a sense of hypocrisy.

Standards in dress:

Boys: Hats should not be worn backwards, and should be removed in all buildings, and for all prayers.

Girls: Modest skirts, dresses, jumpers, or culottes. Skirts must come no higher than about halfway between the knee and the ankle, and allow a full stride. Slits must end below the knee.

Both: No shorts, tank tops, sleeveless items, extra tight or baggy clothing, jewelry or make up. No questionable or suggestive messages on clothing. No shirts with low necklines.

In Deuteronomy 22:5, we read; “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

This is a very important quote, and is the reason for many of the dress codes listed here. There has to be a visible difference at all times, under all circumstances, between genders.

Personal items: Certain items will not be allowed, to insure a spiritual atmosphere. The following things will not be allowed: Electronic or card games, any illegal or controlled substances, media players that have not been approved by staff, certain types of music, including: Rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, rap, etc., or the corresponding types of music, in contemporary Christian styles. Weapons or impure secular reading material will not be allowed.

Relationships: Christ centered friendships, between boys, and/or girls, are encouraged. Intense or romantic relationships will not be allowed. This is not a requirement to just try and make things difficult, but it is actually something God has lined out in the Spirit of Prophecy. Look at this quote from 'Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students,' pg. 100; “While at school, students should not allow their minds to become confused by thoughts of courtship. They are there to gain a fitness to work for God, and this thought is ever to be uppermost.”

Also, vulgar or foul language will not be tolerated.

Types of food that will be prepared, at boarding schools: The foods that will be prepared at schools, will be vegan vegetarian. This is not an effort to force everyone to be vegan, but actually just an effort to prepare for the coming of Christ, when all animal products will be left off, as a result of their unfitness for food, and the cruelty it inflicts upon animals, in most cases. 'Counsels on Diet and Foods,' pg. 380 says; “Among those who are waiting for the coming of the Lord, meat eating will eventually be done away; flesh will cease to form a part of their diet.” Again, on page 460, we read; “Tell them that the time will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs, milk, cream, or butter, because disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men. The time is near when, because of the iniquity of the fallen race, the whole animal creation will groan under the diseases that curse our earth.”

Again, what is done in people's homes, is no business of the school. But, what is done at the school itself, must follow the guidance of the Bible, and the Spirit of Prophecy.

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  1. just a comment about the difference between home life and school life. There should never be a contradiction. Of course, home life cannot be enforced, but if you teach in such a way that there is "self-governance" this will never be a problem. The outside world needs to know that we are different separate from the world, and this is apparent when we are away from the school setting.